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Colleen is a captivating song stylist with a delightful, rich alto voice, reminiscent of so many great jazz and pop legends.   


Orchestrator, Songwriter & Arranger

Musical Director for David Foster & Peter Cetera


On my way to now

The Great American Songbook Re-Imagined

It seems this show has been a lifetime in the making. Every experience, every life event big and small, every tear, every heartache, every joy, every gig, every song I have ever sung has been leading to this moment — to NOW. I’m sure, at this stage in my career and my life for that matter, some might question my taking on such an ambitious project, but I’d argue why not? I feel too often people abandon their dreams because they grow impatient when things don’t materialize as they have planned claiming “it just wasn’t meant to be.” While I admit I envisioned a show like this earlier in my career, I firmly believe, it is never too late to realize your dream.

This show is mine.


On My Way to Now Ad Short Feature

Call Me Irresponsible


Funny Valentine



"Colleen Williams is the real deal. Her silky voice and soulful singing connect with audiences and musicians alike."
Robert Franz
Music Director of the Windsor Symphony Orchestra & Associate Conductor of the Houston Symphony

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